Pretty much everyone has done it.

You’re out of razors and forgot to pick up a new pack; you’re staying at your boyfriend’s house and sneakily grab one of his to remove that stubborn leg prickle; you’re about to head out for a last-minute, unplanned night on the town and you borrow your mate’s.

All good, right?

Wrong. Oh so wrong.

According to dermatologist Whitney Bowe, reaching for someone else’s razor is more than just bad manners.

“Shaving results in tiny nicks in the skin,” she told InStyle. “And those openings can allow bacteria to enter and spread infection.”


Which means anything your housemate/ friend/ boyfriend has, you could be giving yourself.

It gets worse.

“Not only that, but you’re vulnerable to warts and bacterial and fungal infections. If there’s blood on the razor from a previous cut, it could result in transmitting blood viruses.”


Maybe it’s time to try waxing?

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