I can’t imagine how much fun you’d have in the Bachie house if you were in there with a bunch of people you got along with.

It’s like a huge drunken sleepover AND you get paid for it?!

Sign me up.

It looks like some of the contestants liked it as much as I imagined because they’ve all shacked up together in Bondi.

Contestants from the latest season Adam Todd, Shannon Karaka, Samuel Minkin and Nick Chamberlain are officially roomies according to The Wash.


It’ll come as news to… well no-one really, that the boys don’t talk to either of the sisters they contested for.

However in an interview with the publication, Nick said he’s ‘have some questions’ for them if he ever did meet them again.

Adam responded “Why did you get kicked off so early?”


When asked about hanging out with other Bachie stars, the boys had a little to say!

“There’s a bit of gossip there,” Adam started.


“It’s a bit like a clique. Everyone sort of hangs out together because you’ve shared the same experience and you have that in common,” Shannon added, which totally makes sense.

I believe it! Adam’s been rumoured to be dating Bella Varelis and the whole crew has been spotted partying with ex-contestants Leilani, Bec, Bella and Bel in their Insta stories.

Seems like you need to be ready to party to live with the boys, but it looks like a lot of fun!


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