Well here’s some news we’d rather ignore…

Because according to one mathematician, there is a one in 500 chance we won’t see in the new year!

Fergus Simpson’s doomsday prediction gives humankind a 87 per cent chance of surviving the 21st century, which is enough to put a dampener on your weekend festivities.

The University Of Barcelona guru has done the maths and warns it shouldn’t be ignored.

“In a year when Leicester City F.C. were crowned Premier League champions, we are reminded that events of this rarity can prove challenging to anticipate, yet they should not be ignored,” he says.

In his paper Apocalypse Now? Reviving the Doomsday Argument, Simpson writes that accepting that there is a very real possibility that the world could be wiped out is important.


“If we come to appreciate the fragility of our existence, rather than take it for granted, we are more likely to take preventative measures aimed at prolonging the future of our species,” he writes.

He goes on to say that it would be naïve to believe the risk of “global catastrophe” is “vanishingly small”.

“At a time when at least eight sovereign states are in possession of nuclear weapons (including one whose leader has executed members of his own family), a head-in-the-sand approach appears both dangerous and irresponsible,” he warns.

Anyone else feeling the need for a drink right now?

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h/t The Sun

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