Lady Gaga and her fiance, Taylor Kinney, have broken up, according to reports.

TMZ sources have said the Bad Romance singer and her actor ex-parted ways earlier this month, despite moving in together and making plans to tie the knot.

It is not yet known who ended the relationship.

Gaga has not posted on her social media about the hunk for some time and they have not been spotted at any events with each other.

Recent photos published by paparazzi have seen Lady Gaga without any engagement ring.

Currently on a trip to Mexico, as she takes time out from music, Gaga has not made any reference to the break-up, with her last tweet saying ”Casa Hogar Cabo AC Facebook Group: donate to these gorgeous boys, help build a home so they can be w/ their sisters.”


The pair still follow each other on Twitter, which is usually a sign of an amicable split.

The only question now, is who gets the two dogs Koji and Miss Asia Kinney?

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