Nicole Kidman’s mother, Janelle, has been rushed to hospital with suspected heart problems.

Janelle, 76, was taken to a hospital in Sydney’s North Shore and was held under observation, the Daily Telegraph is reporting.

She was later released and taken into the care of Kidman’s sister Antonia.

A spokesman for the Royal North Shore Hospital told the Daily Mail that Janelle is ‘not a patient at the hospital.

The Daily Telegraph, has however, has reported that Nicole has not returned home to see her mother as the condition was not as serious as first thought.

‘They are of course concerned, but if there were anything super serious, Nicole would have been home straight away,’ they said.


Antonia currently lives in Sydney with her husband and six children but was on a pre-arranged holiday to Sydney when then the incident occurred.

Nicole is currently in Louisiana filming her upcoming film Beguiled.

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