Australia is out of sync with the rest of the world, and it’s causing chaos for travellers.

The entire continent has actually moved one-and-a-half metres – no confirmation as to if we’re pulling a Beyoncé and heading to the left, to the left or if we’re New Zealand bound – since 1994, according to Reuters.

It might not seem a lot, but it’s having a massive effect on global navigation satellite systems, messing up that GPS map you’re so reliant on to get around.

That’s because all of those systems are working off our position from 20 years ago – and now they can’t pinpoint exactly where we are.

Cheering thought.

It’s not just your smartphone affected, either; those new-beaut automated cars slowly but surely making it on to the roads?

Out of sync.


Delivery drones, farmers and meteorologists have also been thrown from the shift; apparently a meter makes that much of a difference.

But wait, there’s more: Even though scientists are on the job and will have revamped our coordinates by January next year, they’re overcompensating by another couple of metres so we still won’t sync up until 2020.

Who knew you could lose an entire continent?

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