You know what’s REALLY annoying?!

When a celebrity starts wearing something you want and then all of sudden it’s sold out EVERYWHERE, and you haven’t even had a chance to call it your own.

That’s what happened with the Christian Paul watches.

The beautiful rose gold enhancements, the marble face, the leather strap, yep – a fan decided Selena Gomez needed to own one, and chaos ensued.

When she was photographed with the Christian Paul piece after being gifted it by a fan in Sydney, the internet FELL IN LOVE with what’s now being dubbed, ‘Selena’s pick’.


Sydney entrepreneur and owner of the company, Tim Caruana, told The Daily Telegraph that the $199 rose gold watch has been requested by many, ‘pushing manufacture to its limits to keep up with supply both locally and internationally’.

‘The gift that was given to Selena at her Australian Concert The Revival Tour was surprisingly not only accepted but she instantly wanted it on her wrist and was humbly taken away by the gift,’ he told the publication.

‘Her choice of watch is now being dubbed “Selena’s Pick” around the office of Christian Paul, Sydney’, he said. Super dedicated fan Sofia Papoulis gifted the 24-year-old singer with the Bondi Marble 43mm Christian Paul watch during a backstage meet and greet on Tuesday night.

The brand is currently running a competition to win ‘Selena’s pick’.


Source: Daily Mail

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