Okay, I know, technology can be scary.

But don’t be afraid of things you don’t understand.

The Veronicas are jumping headfirst into a new style of entertainment on TikTok thanks to Samsung!

UNDSCVRD is the nationwide search for the country’s next big music artist.

In a docu-series style, the reality show will drop at 3 pm on TikTok daily over the next four weeks.

The Veronicas handpicked five aspiring artists across the country and we’ll be following their journey as they collaborate with the twins and renowned music producer James Angus to produce an original single and music video.

It’ll all come to an end in a live-concert finale with each contestant performing their single in front of The Veronicas and industry professionals!


The best part of this series is that each artist maintains FULL OWNERSHIP of their music masters and content, which is pretty much unheard of in the industry.

The winner will win a five-track EP produced by James Angusw with marketing and promotional support AND open for The Veronicas sold-out concerts in Melbourne!

Tune in to UNDSCVRD on their TikTok Page @UNDSCVRD_artist, episode 1 drops at 3 pm TODAY and hear their interview with Kyle & Jackie O below.