If you were watching television last night, you probably would have seen the hideous arm wrestle between ex-Rugby League legends Ben Ross and Wendell Sailor.

The disturbing footage has been circulating the net for the last 12 hours, with people wincing at the footage after Ben Ross’ arm seems to break on the spot.

This morning, Wendell Sailor called through to speak to Kyle and Jackie O Sailor told the guys how terrible he felt about the whole incident.

According to reports, Ross has suffered a similar arm injury in the past and was wary about the condition of his arm, even though he felt that he would be fine to take part in the challenge.

Sailor disclosed that the pair had made an agreement before the wrestle where Ross would take part and remove himself if he started to feel any pain or strain on his shoulder or arm.


However, Ross was obviously not able to remove himself before the break occurred.

Shortly after the incident happened on live television, the following statement was posted to The Footy Show Facebook page.

The Footy Show’s Facebook page later wrote “UPDATE ON BEN ROSS: An X-ray on Ben has confirmed a broken humerus. He has been in remarkably good spirits all night and is already asking for a left handed rematch! An NRL Footy Show producer stayed with Ben in the ambulance and at hospital until his wife arrived.”.

See the shocking footage below…

Video via WeLikeSportz Youtube 

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