Any movie that involves a) a morgue and b) a bell tied around a dead person’s ankle “to make sure they’re dead” is probably not going to be a laugh a minute.

But The Autopsy of Jane Doe looks like it is going to take whatever shred of humour you have left and bury it with the creepy, unidentified body the story revolves around. 

The horror flick is set for release in the new year and follows father-and-son coroners, played by Emilie Hirsch and Brian Cox; the two find themselves struggling to identify a mysterious homicide victim who has ended up on their slab and end up stumbling across something far more sinister.

“As the strange inconsistencies pile up and a thunderstorm rolls in, the Tildens will find that the body on their table holds plenty of dark and terrifying secrets,” to be more exact.

And just in case you were doubting how terrifying those secrets were, skip to the 1:53 mark.

We’re never sleeping again.

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