Which countries are most satisfied when it comes to the down and dirty?

A recent study by condom company Durex surveyed 26,000 people, aged 16 and over, from 26 countries around the world to find out which countries have the people with the happiest sex lives.

And the results may surprise you, with France – the supposed country of luuuuurve – nowhere to be seen!

According to Durex, “Reaching climax is a key driver of sexual satisfaction. Just 48 per cent of us said that they usually do. Globally, twice as many men (64 per cent) as women regularly do.”

So without further ado – the most sexually satisfied countries in the world…

1. Switzerland


2. Spain

3. Italy

4. Brazil

5. Greece

6. Netherlands

7. Mexico


8. India

9. Australia

10. Nigeria

11. Germany

12. China

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