If knowing it was bad for you wasn’t enough, there is even worse news for fizzy drink, drinkers.

Scientists have revealed that drinking one litre of fizzy drink could reduce a male’s sperm count by a massive 30% and lead to erectile dysfunction.

Research undertaken at Copenhagen University Hospital found men who classed themselves as being addicted to cola had far less active swimmers than those who avoided the drink.

The study looked at 2,554 men and found that cola addicts had an average of 35 million per millilitre, compared to the 56 million per millilitre of those who consumed less of the drink.

35 million sperm per millilitre is still within the normal range but, it puts men at risk of eventually becoming infertile.

The study has shown no link between caffeine levels in cola and other drinks; therefore the lower sperm count is due to another ingredient.

As well as a lower sperm count, it was also found that fizzy drinks increase the link to erectile dysfunction. Professors did this study at Nicolaus Copernicus University in Poland.


So, ladies, it’s time to get your man to calm down on the soft drinks.

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