Spring is here and while we’re enjoying the longer days and warmer weather, there is one element of this time of year that fills us with dread: swooping magpies!

And while some of us are forced to wear ice cream containers with eyes painted on the back, it’s all simply a part of nature.

As University of Western Australia’s Dr Amanda Ridley explains, magpies are simply being protective parents.

“They’re swooping when they perceive a threat to their young. They are trying to deter people away from their nests,” she told Yahoo.

And if you ever thought that a magpie had it in for you by constantly trying to peck your head, turns out you were right after all.

“We do have evidence that they do recognise people,” Dr Ridley said.


“These people, or even dogs that they remember, they are more likely to swoop.”

Are you living in one of Sydney’s ‘danger zone’ when it comes to magpie attzcks?

Thanks to Magpie Alert, we can reveal the worst suburbs for magpie attacks in Sydney are Alexandria, Peakhurst, Glebe and Darlinghurst.

Despite the number of reported swoopings Dr Ridley insists we shouldn’t be too concerned about these black and white terrors after all. 

“Magpies are really misunderstood,” she said.

“They get a really bad rap in swooping season because of a handful of bad magpies that do swoop.”

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