Cosmetic surgery is a rapidly growing industry worldwide, with women (and men) pumping their faces with injections in the quest for eternal youth.

But it seems cosmetic surgery is now being used for reasons other than pure vanity.

An increasing number of women are having Botox injected into their feet – and it’s all in the name of fashion.

The procedure isn’t to make their tootsie’s crease-free, but to ease the pain and swelling that comes hand-in-hand with wearing heels for prolonged periods.

Australian Society of Plastic Surgery spokesman Dr Jeremy Hunt told Daily Mail Australia that the procedure has been around for yonks and is especially popular at this time of year.

“The use of Botox in the feet to ease swelling and pain caused by high heels is not a new technique, and gained a lot of attention a few years back when ‘skyscraper heels’ were in fashion,” he said.


“The procedure sees an increase around this time of year when festive parties mean that women are spending more time in heels than they normally would.”

What does it involve? The Botox gets injected into the soles of each foot, and while it takes just 20 minutes, it can set you back $500.

Personally, I’d rather spend that type of cash on a new pair of heels.

Source: Daily Mail