Does this social experiment leave anyone else slightly fuming?

Simple Pickup, a team of guys who are out “to prove that any guy can attract women” decided to see what would happen when they dressed up these two actors in fat suits and sent them on Tinder dates.

To make things even more awkward, the actor’s Tinder profile photos only showed off their former ‘skinny’ selves.

What happens next may surprise you… then again, it may not.

Apart from some cheap laughs you’re probably wondering what’s the point.

According to the guys, a recent study found that the number one fear from men dating online is… that the woman is going to be fat.  Seriously?!

Well it seems that study isn’t too far off the truth.  When the guys in this video met their larger than life date, all but one made excuses (or even got angry) and left prematurely.


We don’t even have words to describe the actions of the guy who excused himself to go to the toilet and never returned.

So what happened when they performed the same experiment with the guy dressed in a fat suit?

Apart from the initial shock, there were plenty of laughs, plans for future dates and even a goodbye kiss.

A quiet night at home is sounding pretty appealing right now.

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