This morning Kyle and Jackie O caught up with a former flight attendant, who was ready to open up about the secrets that come from working on a plane.

Interestingly, he shared firstly with us the one thing you never want cabin crew to say to you.

‘If a flight attendant ever says, ‘I’ll be right back’ to you, it means we hate you.’

‘We then ‘forget’ to come back,’ he said.

James said this happens to people who are rude when they board the plane, simply shoving their boarding passes in the flight attendant’s face or being difficult once seated.

‘But how do you avoid eye contact when you’re walking up and down the aisle?’ Jackie asked.

‘I used to have a trick,’ he explained.


‘I used to put on gloves and fill up a sick bag with coke and walk along the aisle of the plane clutching the bag and no-one asked me for a thing.’ Hahahaha! Genius!

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