Everyone can count flowers, right?

Wrong, apparently; this seemingly simple new maths question from BrightSide has everyone scratching their heads.

Fancy giving it a crack?

We got 102. You?


Well, according to the math whizzes behind the equation, the real answer is: 81.

Yes, really, and it’s all down to two, tiny, nearly imperceptible details.

First up, the number of yellow flowers. In the third line, there are two, but there’s only one in the final sum.

So whatever you figured the yellow flower was worth, needs to be divided by two.

Secondly, count the petals, petal!

The number of petals on the purple flower may not be noticeable but they’re the key to a 100 per cent exam mark.


In the third equation, the flower has five petals, giving it a value of five, while in the final instance there are only four petals, equalling four.


If you scored 81 on your first round, give yourself a round of applause and take the rest of the day off.

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