Did you ever watch Rugrats growing up as a kid?

Yeah, me too. I loved Chuckie, Tommy, and the twins; Phil and Lil. I also loved Angelica!

She was slightly older and more of a leader for the younger kids. She had sass – and I’m all about that.

However one fan theory that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere is a little ’Shutter Island’ for my liking.


The theory that’s gone viral is that all the babies; Tommy, Chuckie, Phil and Lil – were all actually made up in Angelica’s head as a way for her to cope with her absentee parents.

According to the theory, she was actually a paranoid schizophrenic the whole time.

The theory was SO well thought out, many fans of the show believed it do be true! According to the Tumblr theory, Chuckie died with his mother in childbirth and that’s why his dad was so nervous all the time.

Tommy was stillborn, and that’s why Stu was always in the basement making toys, trying to make up for the son he never had.

The DeVilles had an abortion. Since Angelina didn’t know the sex of the baby, she created twins in her head.

The only real baby was Dil, Tommy’s younger brother.



The theory doesn’t just stop when the Rugrats are babies.

The theory also states that in the Rugrats spinoff, All Grown Up, Angelina’s hallucinations continue because of her addiction to narcotics.

That’s so crazy, right?!

However, it was all addressed at Comic Con recently, by Rugrats creator Arlene Klasky, according to Buzzfeed.

“A lot of people believe that conspiracy theory, and no, it’s not true.” PHEW!


Source: Hollywood Life

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