Wow, what an action packed first episode we have been treated to! From an overly dramatic voice-over to meeting all of the personalities in the first group, it was definitely captivating!

While sweethearts Damo & Caz from Tassie were busy in the kitchen, we got to meet the rest of the group.

Obviously our favourites right away are Karen & Ros, the cutest ladies ever. They are both midwives and have the best attitudes ever. And Karen totally met her husband at a Jimmy Barnes concert – isn’t that the most adorable love story?!

David & Betty are the siblings we wished we had. They are next to cook, and I do have to say, I have a feeling they’ll do really well. There is definitely the chance that their overuse of “hashtag” in conversation MAY get annoying.

Bek & Ash, are the flirty flatmates from Perth. And by the looks of all the ads, there will be some action between Bek and Kyle, after some serious dinner table flirting between the pair.

Kyle, who could easily follow a career in being a Thor lookalike, is on the show with his mate Tim, and they seem like your regular true blue Aussie blokes. Once we meet the next duo, the title of this article will start to make sense.

Amy & Tyson, grumpy brother and sister from Queensland, are such debbie-downers, and their behaviour is really affecting poor Kyle. Every time Tyson made a negative poor Kyle looked like somebody had stabbed him right in the heart.


Tyson is basically not amazed through the whole episode.

Will Tyson ever be pleased? I feel sorry for him…does he live whole life in disappointment. Is happiness even possible for Tyson??

And then the ‘Steak War’ unfolded. Healthy debate quickly turned into heated conversation between Tyson and Kyle over which way was the best way to cook a steak.


God. Let’s hope they never bring up politics at the dinner table!!

Damo & Caz finished up the episode with a total score of 62.