The Oscars is the night of night’s it Hollywood and so understandably they hold some of the biggest and best after parties following the awards ceremony and other formalities.

One of the most well known and talked about has got to be the annual Vanity Fair after party, which usually attracts some mega celebs like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, other Kar-Jenner family members, Leonardo DiCaprio, Scarlett Johansson and many more.

Ever wondered what it’s like to attend such a prestigious event? Well apparently it’s WAY more strict than we could have ever imagined!

With such big stars in attendance you’d think that there’d be no controlling them, but it turns out that the Vanity Fair after party has some rules that all of the celebs have to abide by if they ever want to be invited again.

Studio 10’s entertainment reporter Angela Bishop was on the ground in LA to cover the Oscars and she joined Kyle and Jackie O this morning when she gave us the inside goss into all of the parties.


“The best party was Elton’s,” Angela revealed, referring to the annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Award Party.

“I didn’t get down there to West Hollywood but because he’d won the Oscar for best song from his movie Rocketman that party went off so much. Apparently they ran out of champagne.. and considering Elton doesn’t drink that was just the guests.”

Angela then divulged about the Vanity Fair party, revealing that each celebrity guest is given a very strict arrival time that they absolutely must abide by.

“You know when you get your invitation to Vanity Fair, it comes with an absolute to the second arrival time,” Angela revealed.


“So it’ll say like 9:11 till 9:13pm and if you do not arrive at that time and stand on those circles for that time, you don’t get in. You have to go right to the back of the line and you don’t get in until everyone’s in because it is absolutely done with precision.

“And I’m talking big, big stars have to abide by this. So all of limos are coming along Santa Monica Boulevard getting ready to go to that party and they time it to absolutely military precision.”

Can you imagine telling Kanye West that he has to arrive at a party at exactly 9:13 and then turn him away if he doesn’t comply?! But apparently it’s literally that strict because they have so many people to work with!

“They obey it every year, it’s incredible. And if you don’t, the invitation never comes again is apparently the word,” Angela explained.

Who knew? Still though, we’d arrive at any freaking time they want to get an invite to such an exclusive party!

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