(Words – Laura Thorburn, Photos – Rodney Magazinovic)

Irish lads The Script are here in Australia for their No Sound Without Silence tour, Adelaide was their second stop performing at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre last night. Having not performed in Adelaide since 2011, the crowd were fired up and ready for a night of amazing music.

Opening with “Paint the Town Green”, Danny, Mark and Glen entered from the back of the arena with a horde of people holding green lit flags, many a high five were given to fans as the guys walked through the crowd and took to the stage.

From the moment The Script walked out and onto the stage the energy in the room was infectious, the crowd were jumping, clapping and singing along. It was obvious that for these guys there is no where else they would rather be than on stage performing for a room full of people.

The Script performed an array of hits from their career including “Breakeven”, “Before The Worst”, “Superheroes” and “If You Could See Me Now”, just to name a few. I’m certain that the majority of the crowd will have sore vocal chords today from singing along and of course, the screams in between.

One of the stand out moments of the night is definitely when the guys asked for someone in the crowd to call their ex, at this point their were a lot of eager females frantically attempting to make calls and get Danny’s attention. Danny took the phone from one crowd member and briefly spoke to “Zack”, asking him to please stay on the line while they sing a song to him. Performing “Nothing”, Zack was nice enough to stay on the line for the entire song, which ended with a not so subtle “Goodbye asshole!” from The Script and the crowd. Let’s face it, that’s one way to ensure you will not be getting back together!

Stripping it back for a little acoustic style set, the lads performed a few songs including their breakthrough single “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved”. They seemed so humble and truly grateful for their fans for helping them come so far in their career as a band.


For another nice moment, Danny went up to the upper part of the arena for the performance of “You Won’t Feel A Thing”. He walked through the seated area of the balcony, GoPro in hand, taking selfies and singing to and with the audience. This allowed those who were seated the opportunity to feel even more involved.

As the guys were leaving the stage, Mark got the crowd singing. This continued for a few minutes until The Script took to the stage once again for their encore. Finally performing my favourite song “For The First Time” and closing strong with “Hall Of Fame”.

All in all, The Script were amazing live. It is obvious that their fans mean the world to them and their performance and energy really prove it. I was lucky enough to meet Danny and Mark after the show and when I asked Danny what he thought about playing in Adelaide his response was simple, “It was f**king amazing!”, enough said really.

Special mention goes to Colton Avery, who was the opening act. All the way from Pheonix, Arizona, he is definitely one to watch. Colton’s voice and vocal range is spectacular, one of the best vocalists I have heard in a long time. For just a guy and a guitar, the crowd seemed quite captivated. Definitely recommend keeping an eye out for his music, “The One” was my personal favourite.

Sorry to all those that missed this concert, it truly was a great one!

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