We all know kids (and sometimes adults) are so often absorbed in their technology

But this experiment made us realise just how much!

Dolmio filmed an experiment in four different households at dinner time, to see how long it took kids to realise bizarre things were happening in the world around them. 

From swapping parents and siblings out for random strangers, changing artwork and even a viking entering the house, the kids were oblivious. 

But one thing eventually made them pay attention immediately.

The wi-fi being turned off


Of course as they ‘come to’ from their digitally induced trance, they realise what has been happening around them.

Their expressions say it all!

The experiment is part of a marketing ploy for Dolmios pasta sauces that began in 2015. 

The company have created a new piece of technology in the form of a pepper shaker that can cut off access to the home wi-fi with the click of a button… just in time for dinner! 


And after an extended period of development and testing, the company are now actually giving the devices away to lucky winners.

We must say, we’re tempted to enter! 

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