Here’s a scary thought – if we were to go onto your Instagram profile right now, chances are we’d be able to tell where you live.

It’s the feature many people aren’t aware of and it could be leading thieves or worse right to your home.

The scariest part – many of us don’t even realise what this function is telling the rest of the world.

So how does it work?

Simply go to the location tab on your profile page and you’ll soon see the location of every photo you’ve ever posted on a map (and yes, you can zoom right in to pin point the exact locations).

The good news is it’s easy to delete!

Simply select the edit option at the top of the map, tap the offending photos, select edit again and press deselect all followed by finished.


Next, and most importantly, go to your phone settings and turn off the location access for the Instagram app.

Told you – scary stuff!

h/t: Metro

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