Who could forget the days of Australian Idol when Marcia Hines sat on the judging panel alongside our very own Kyle Sandilands? 

When it came to giving feedback to the contestants, Kyle was quite brutal and unapologetic. Marcia, on the other hand, was widely regarded as the ‘nice one’.

While that may have been true on screen, Kyle has now revealed that when the cameras stopped rolling, it was a different story.

“On the air she’d be like ‘You know, you did your best. Thank you for coming, sweet heart.'” Kyle recalled.

But apparently Marcia would regularly mutter her real opinion to him when the contestants couldn’t hear.  

“Then she’d go ‘I can’t stand that b****’ as they’d walk away,” Kyle claims.

“That b**** can’t sing, she sings from her a** hole!” Marcia also said. 


Kyle says he encouraged Marcia to speak her mind on screen for the viewers to see, but she didn’t want people’s perception of her to change. See more in the video above. 

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