If you’re a huge fan of the Fast and the Furious series, no doubt you were left with A LOT of questions Furious 7 finished, especially with the circumstances surrounding Paul Walker.

Would Fast 8 be able to answer all of our questions? Would we finally get the goodbye we all know is coming?

Well, while the movie seemed lightyears away, The Rock has reminded us that it’s actually NOT as far away as you might think.

The Rock posted a photo of himself in what looks to be a prison jumpsuit, up against heavily armed guards.

I know you guys can see it… I have so much damn FUN playin’ the character of HOBBS. A man who lives by a code of ethics, but who will also rip your throat out and give it back to you just so you can apologize for pissin’ him off. For years our #FastAndFurious writer Chris Morgan, our @sevenbucksprod’s producer Hiram Garcia and myself would always talk about how insanely FUN FOR THE FANS a “Hobbs prison breakout” scene would be – wrecking every fool that’s in his way. Well that day has come, which is why I’m completely iced in my veins and amped out of my f*cking mind in this vid and clearly in need of a horse tranquilizer. Let Toretto and his friends preach family and love… Not HOBBS. The Iceman cometh. And he don’t fucketh around. #OnSet #Fast8 #Iceman

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He explains in the caption that Fast and the Furious writer Chris Morgan approached him about a plot line involving The Rock’s character Hobbs being locked up in the most hard core maximum security prison in the world.

“To which I responded, ‘How even more insane and FUN FOR THE FANS would it be if Hobbs said f**k this, I’m gettin’ out… try and stop me’.

“Our goal here was to give you – the fans – a ‘holy s**t’ iconic prison breakout. For days our intensity was thru the roof. As it should be.

“And that big round iron thing on the back of Hobbs’ arm is commonly referred to from scientist as his tricep.😂 #Fast8 #HobbsStyle #TheIcemanCometh #AndHeDontF**kethAround #LetTheBodiesHitTheFloor”.

Since then he’s posted INSANE set shots showing Hobbs involved in said iconic prison breakout, and I can’t help but get all kinds of excited in my waters over the whole thing.


Unfortunately we have to wait until 14th April 2017 to get the whole story!

Source: MTV Australia

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