Manawatū Prison In New Zealand is one of the first to be delivered six of the 193 slushy machines that have been purchased by the Department of Corrections in New Zealand.

So far, it appears, according to Stuff, that just two of them have been installed for the prison’s 172 staff..

The machines have cost more than $1 million of taxpayer money, which is about $5675 per machine.

The machines have been bought to help combat hot summer weather and they are offering prison staff four flavours, including a no added sugar option.

Chief custodial officer Neil Beales said Corrections officers had a difficult and challenging job.

“The feedback I’ve had is that the investment in the machines has been appreciated by our staff.

“The heat, combined with the increasing number of prisoners, had the potential for significantly increased prisoner tension and aggression, and the real risk that a staff member or prisoner would be seriously hurt.


“We have a duty of care to prisoners and staff and are legislatively obliged to operate prisons that are safe for everyone.”

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