You may have heard that Conor McGregor made history over the weekend but, just in case you somehow managed to miss it, the Irish UFC fighter became the first fighter to hold two belts in separate divisions at the same time.

The outspoken McGregor delighted fans and media alike at the press conference following his two-round smackdown of Eddie Alvarez in New York on Sunday night, revealing that his long term girlfriend Dee was pregnant with their first child.

But he also answered a question that the internet had been buzzing about: why had he been putting both of his hands behind his back during the fight?

The answer was so 100 per cent McGregor that it probably shouldn’t have surprised anyone.


He had been training that way.

“This [hand] was out of action for the whole camp,” he explained. “That’s why I developed that putting the hand behind my back.

“I would be doing it in sparring, then I’d jar it or hit it and it would be swelling up in the middle of the rounds – I just figured out ways to fight around it.

“To be honest I was icing it up until today but it’s actually alright now. I’m brand new. There’s not a f*ucking scratch on me.”

As we said, typical McGregor.

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