Do you love swimming? Are you all about getting in the pool and doing laps? Same, well during summer at least – when it’s REALLY hot. And it’s more slow paddling than it is swimming actual laps.

Anyway, whether you’re a hard swimming or just a doggy paddler, the reality of red eyes is real – dang chlorine! Or is it?

It seems that we’ve always blamed chlorine for the red, stingy eyes we’re so easily succeptible to when we go underwater, but it’s not to blame at all.

According to a report on Women’s Health, the reason your eyes turn red and stingy isn’t an overdose of chlorine, it’s something much more sinister.

Associate Director of the CDC’s Healthy Water Program, Michael J. Beach, Ph.D. told the magazine that is ‘isn’t chlorine irritating our eyes on its own, but rather the effect of the chlorine binding to all the gross stuff our bodies release into the water, like urine – and sweat.

The chlorine binds to urine and sweat and stings your eyes.

Oh yeah, and the reason you cough so much at an indoor pool? It’s because you’re inhaling a cloud of urine, sweat, and chlorine, which gets trapped in your lungs and makes you cough.


Source: Bustle

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