The spectacularly catty ladies of the Real Housewives of Melbourne are returning in 2020 after a two-year hiatus.

RHOM first aired in 2014 and gave international viewers an insight into the lives of our very own “real” housewives.

Season 4 of the show starred Melbournites Lydia Schiavello, Jackie Gillies, Gamble Breaux, Janet Roach, Gina Liano, Venus Behbahani-Clarkand Sally Bloomfield.

The announcement was made on Instagram, bringing the RHOM account back to life after more than a year. But they didn’t give away too much info!

Following this exciting news, Kyle and Jackie O spoke with Foxtel’s Executive Producer, Brian Walsh, to find out all of the juicy details. And boy did her deliver! Here’s what we found out:


Real Housewives of Sydney MIGHT return – but not in the way you might think:

After hearing that the Melbourne housewives would be heading back to our screens, Jackie immediately wanted to know if there was a chance for Sydney to also make a comeback. Turns out, there might be! And it may just have to do with the Melbourne gals…

“When we met with the producers of housewives a few months back I said that I think some of the women on Housewives of Sydney were great talent and we’d love to have them back on the screen and we gave them the challenge of coming back to us with an idea where we could maybe combine both cities and do Real Housewives of Australia and kind of broaden out the idea,” Mr Walsh told us.

“Because if you think about Krissy Marsh and Nicole, there was some great women on they Sydney show and I think there’s a way we can get them back on the screen. That’s the plan.”

Not everybody will be returning from the Real Housewives of Melbourne Cast

When it comes to reality TV we all have our favourite cast members and so of course we bet you’ve all got someone in mind for who you would HATE to see not return in the Real Housewives of Melbourne season five.


And this news is not going to help keep you calm…

“What about the Melbourne girls? Are all returning?” Jackie asked.

“No,” Mr Walsh replied. “No, I think we’ve got to shake it up. The show was becoming, and the reason why it’s taken 18-months to get it back on the screen is it was becoming a bit predictable in terms of the behaviour of a few of the women and so we want to shake it up a bit. And there will be some new faces.”

So then who won’t be making the cut..?

Like we said, we all have our favourite’s and Jackie’s happens to be Lydia. So she was quick to check that Lydia would be returning for this upcoming season.

“Are you keeping Lydia? I do enjoy watching her,” Jackie asked.


“Look she’s very keen to come back. The next thing for us to do is sit down with all of the women, all of the producers and just determine which ones stay and which ones go,” Mr Walsh told us. “We are definitely going to shake it up.”

As it turns out, even the actual cast don’t yet know who will be staying and who will be going. But things certainly aren’t looking too good for fan favourite Gina and newcomer Sally.

“Where we left it last season is that Gina said that she would not come back if Sally was on the series,” Mr Walsh explained. “That’s taken us some time to resolve how we move forward because I think, you know, Gina’s an important part of the franchise and we’d love to see her back. [But] we can’t have a situation where the talent is dictating the creative on the show.”

“Hopefully we’ll get a good mix of old and new and produce another great, entertaining series,” he concluded.

While Brian made no mention of former cast member, Psychic Jackie Gillies, she was quick to share the exciting news on her social media last night:


We can’t wait for RHOM (and possibly with the inclusion of Sydney!!) to return. Hear more from our chat with Brian Walsh in the video above!