has compiled a list of questions you should never ask flight attendants…

And we’re all guilty of at least ONE of these…



1. “Can you please call ahead to  hold my connecting flight?”

Dude. These guys are flight attendants. They aren’t God.


If your connecting flight is within 20 minutes, then you’re going to miss it, and there ain’t nothin’ your steward doesn’t have the power to stop it.

2. “Can I use the first class bathroom? I’ll be really quick and there’s no one in there”

If you didn’t pay for a first class ticket, then no. 

3. “Can you accept this tip for being so helpful?”

It is against policy for Cabin Crew to accept your cash tips the first time you offer. Some airlines will allow them to take the cash if it’s offered more than once. So you have to beg them to take your money.

4. “Can I sit in that empty Business Class seat?”

If you didn’t pay for a business class ticket, then no. If you’ve paid for an upgrade, then yes.

If there’s an issue with your economy seat, you may strike it lucky and get bumped up.


5. “Can you put my bag away for me?”

It’s not part of the job description for flight attendants to lift your bag into the overhead locker. Once it’s up there they can push it in, but if they helped every passenger lift a bag, injury would ensue. So don’t ask.

6. “I’m allergic to that [guide dog], can it be removed?”

Airline policy outlines that if you have a problem with a support animal on board the plane, you’re the one that has to “be removed”.

7. “Can I borrow your pen?”

It’s really not that big of a deal, but passengers get super offended if flight attendants say no.


Even if it’s because they already gave the pen away, passengers snap, with questions like, “Doesn’t your airline give you pens?”.

The answer is no, the airline doesn’t give them pens. They don’t grow on trees. BYO mate. 

8. “I need medication, do you have any?”

If there’s an emergency, they have a doctor on board, but general medication isn’t just handed out willy nilly among the crew.

9. “I want to sit next to my friend, can they switch with the person next to me?”

Travelling separated sucks, but it’s really not that big a deal, come on. Flight attendants don’t have the authority to make people move, so if you’re asking them, it means that you either got told “no” already at the gate and you’re trying to override the final word, OR you forgot to ask at the gate, where it needs to be handled.


Of course, if there’s a special needs passenger like young children or those with a disability or the elderly, this is a different story.

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