While Waleed Aly may have been missing from The Project last night, it didn’t stop his name being raised on the show.

Off sick, Waleed found himself the target of One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts who accused him of condoning terrorism.

The accusations were met with a steely response from the panel, which included journalist Hamish McDonald taking over the host’s seat.

Talking about a poll that found 49 per cent of Australian’s supported a ban on Muslim immigration, the Queensland senator soon took aim at Waleed.

WATCH The Project’s brutal take down of Senator Roberts…

When Peter Hellier asked exactly where that sentiment would stop and if Waleed, who is an Australian-born Muslim, should then be deported, the senator’s response left the panel momentarily speechless.

“No, but it would be nice if Waleed actually condemned and didn’t condone Islamic terrorism, wouldn’t that be a good start?”” he said.

Sticking up for Waleed, Hamish jumped in, giving the ultimate blow by forgetting the senator’s name as he ended the interview.

“Senator… what’s his name? Thank you very much,” he said [watch the awkward moment above!].

It followed an earlier run in between the pair when Hamish pushed the senator to back up his claims that Australia was being “swamped” by Muslims with actual numbers.


Taking to Twitter after the interview, the senator said he hoped the panel remembered their manners next time.

After watching this interview we’re questioning whether there will ever be a next time!