Back in February American president Donald Trump and Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull had a meeting at The White House to discuss the relationship between American and Australia.

During the meeting, Mr Turnbull invited Mr Trump to visit Australia and now it is a very real possibility that this trip Down Under could take place. When asked if he would like to make the trip, Trump said “I would absolutely…Love it. We will be there, [it’s a] great place.”

And so of course, since this would be a major moment in Australian politics, Sam Dastyari, our Gutter Politics advisor, decided to shed some light on what a Trump trip to Oz would look like.

“When the President travels it is a HUGE deal,” explained Mr Dastyari. “And some of the preliminary work has already begun for the President to come to Australia.”

Now we’re not talking simple preparations like organising Trump’s itinerary and booking his accommodation. When the President is involved its a massive task and the first step is organising his staff and security measures.


“People think there’s one plane the President travels on,” started Mr Dastyari. “It’s about six or seven full planes. There is 900 staff, NINE HUNDRED, that come with the President.”

But it’s not just people that Trump would be bringing with him to Australia. According to Mr Dastyari, he will also be flying in his own transport and his own firearms.

“Their entire motorcade of 40 cars, 40 cars get flown in for the President to be able to be here,” explained Mr Dastyari. “And the other thing that they do which is interesting is they all bring their own weapons.”

“The American operation of the President coming is huge. He has to be 20 minutes away from a trauma hospital at all times.”

Yep forget every overseas trip that you’ve ever been on where you think it’s enough to book a seat on a bus and a room in a hotel. When the American President hits overseas shores it’s all systems go.

And don’t even get us started on the security measures that the American President’s team has to take if the leader wants to get in an elevator…Not to mention if he wants to eat a slice of pizza!


We reckon the President must be incredibly fit because they’d all just stop eating take-away food and opt to take the stairs rather than go through all of the effort and save a few seconds in the lift.

Hear the insane security operation surrounding The President when they undergo simple, everyday activities in the video above.

We wonder if our own world leader has crazy methods like this when he travels overseas?

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