It’s no secret that Kyle’s not really the biggest fan of Malcolm Turnbull, with the main reason having nothing to do with politics but more so to do with the fact that he refuses to come on the Kyle and Jackie O show for an interview.

But now it seems that Kyle’s hate for the current Australian PM runs even deeper now after a recent press conference where Malcolm made one massive mistake. And this slip of the tongue has got Kyle all riled up.

“There was a press conference that Malcolm Turnbull did because he’s out there meeting the people trying to show everyone that he’s just like us,” began Kyle in his rant. “And this is what he said that made me think, ‘Oh hang on, I don’t think this bloke is like you and me.”

So what is it that Mr Turnbull said that had Kyle’s skin boiling? Well, he thought that two of the biggest fast food chains were the same store and during an interview he made mention of an establishment called , “Kentucky Fried Mcdonalds!”, confusing Kentucky Friend Chicken and Maccas. 

“Kentucky Fried Mcdonalds. That’s what he thinks, that’s how out of touch this clown is,” continued Kyle. “I’m calling for his resignation. That’s not the same joint.”


Eventually we were able to get in touch with a representative of Malcolm Turnbull to find out if the Prime Minister of Australia actually thought that the two take away restaurants were the same place.

They were very quick to defend Mr Turnbull but Kyle was having NONE of it!

Watch the video above to see Kyle’s rant about the PM and his lack of junk food knowledge.

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