This could be the strangest time for a movie trailer to be released.. or could it be the perfect publicity stunt?

A brand new trailer for Allied, the film starring Brad Pitt and alleged lover Marion Cotillard, has been released just hours after it was announced Pitt and Angelina Jolie were heading for splitsville.

The one-minute clip features the 52-year-old actor getting very close and intimate with co-star Cotillard, who is thought to be cause of the rift.

Film makers Paramount are unlikely to be annoyed that their film is gaining all the press and attention following the divorce proceedings being started by Jolie yesterday.


Twitter users were quick to draw the parallels between this new film and Pitt & Jolie’s 2005 film Mr & Mrs Smith, in which he and Angelina play assassins and fall in love. By working together, the couple then fell in love and ended Pitt’s marriage.

The teaser shows Pitt as an intelligence officer and Cotillard is a resistance fighter, who pose as a couple on dangerous missions behind enemy lines in Nazi Germany.

One scene shows the two in the middle of a desert, as Pitt ask his co-star the eerily applicable question of what she will do ‘after the war’.

‘When the war is over, it won’t matter where I am,’ she replies before things get steamy in the back of a car as a sandstorm kicks up around them.

‘We found each other. Come with me to London, be my wife,’ he can be heard telling her as he is shown carrying her over the threshold, and cooing over their newborn baby.

It certainly seems like a good onscreen connection but only time will tell if the rumours are true..


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