Recently Kyle and Jackie O caught up with Ed Helms, the star of new flick, Captain Underpants.

He spoke about the movie and voicing an animated movie, before moving onto the movie he’s best known for; The Hangover.

Kyle had a very important matter to clear up…

‘I didn’t realise, in the Hangover, when you’re missing that tooth, you are actually a hillbilly at heart, and you actually don’t have that tooth!?’

‘That’s right,’ Ed confirmed.

‘I do [have the tooth], but it’s an implant. It’s a fake tooth, and my dentist was able to take it out for the movie, so there you go… yeah – I’m a mutant!

‘I actually never had a tooth there… I wish I had a cool story like I got it knocked out in a fight or something, but I was just born without a tooth there.’


‘Wow! So you had a baby tooth there, but when the baby tooth fell out you just never got the adult tooth?’ Jackie asked.

Ed acknowledged the bizarreness; ’That’s exactly right… I’m a freak of nature.’

‘Mum Jackie’ kicked in fast; ’We like to call you special, you’re special, you know?’


Then ‘Journalist Jackie’ showed up.

‘Did they write that into The Hangover because they KNEW you didn’t have that tooth?’ Ed, impressed with the question, answered.

‘That is a great question, and the answer is ‘no’, it was already in the script, and it didn’t even occur to me that my tooth could come out, because I got it when I was like 15-years-old…

‘So we actually shot some camera tests trying to black it out like a pirate, or do it digitally, but all of that didn’t work. It was either too expensive or it didn’t look good…

’And finally I was like, you know, I might be able to take this tooth out and I talked to my dentist and he’s like ‘yeah, let’s do it!’