A Sydney tourist hotspot has been forced to get creative in order to shoo away the hordes of seagulls that visit them every day.

We’ve all experienced it, and they’ve had so many complaints.

Sydney Opera’s outdoor Opera Bar has recently announced that a new security team has been employed to ward off the pesky birds.

And that new team member is a dog called Roxy.

Roxy is one of many dogs who have been patrolling the harbour area for a couple of weeks, and both customers and staff are thrilled to say the experiment has been a success.

Opera Bar Venue Manager Steve Davis spoke with Nine News about the seagull solution.


“It was to the point that we had written it into our staff’s manual that they had to run to the site of a seagull attack to assist the guests”.

Opera House Visitor Experience liaison Jade McKellar also spoke about the problem.

“We tried sonic deterrents, we tried wire calloshes over the food, we tried a robotic hawk that didn’t work either, the seagulls seemed to like him more than be scared of him.”

For now, dogs like Roxy have been hired for the job.

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