It’s time for ‘Married At First Sight’ to kick off again, literally on Monday night. I cannot wait.

The show has released a series of teasers in anticipation of the premiere night and it’s got us revving to go.

The cringe levels are UNBELIEVABLE with one of the brides seriously stating ‘I believe in vibes at first sight!’


Bless Samantha, I can tell she’s gonna be one of my favourites this year, ‘I hope he thinks… wow! She’s beautiful.’


There’s a buzz about the inclusion of Booka Nile, tattooed metalcore lead singer of the band ‘Make Them Suffer’ who will be an interesting addition to the mix!

“I just feel very, very alone in this moment,” She says in her opening moment.


I reckon the show is going to improve exponentially with the addition of new sexologist Alessandra Rampolla so strap in kids!

Married At First Sight premieres February 22 on Channel Nine 

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