This morning Jackie played the latest Big Brother teaser for our listeners during her ONews segment, debuting Big Brother’s all new voice.

And just like he said in the teaser, Big Brother is always watching and listening, as he then chimed in with a special message for Kyle and Jackie O.

Big Brother’s new voice gives the all seeing eye a pretty evil-sounding tone and based on the message he had for Kyle and Jackie O alone, we get the feeling he’s a cheeky Big Brother who’s ready to get up to a lot of mischief.

Why? Because he absolutely roasted the pants of both Kyle and Jackie this morning!

After listening to the Big Brother teaser, Kyle was reminiscing about his own time on the reality show a number of years ago, when he didn’t listen to Big Brother for a second and did whatever he wanted.

“Remember how I used to take Big Brother to task every five seconds? I used to not get bossed around by the Big Brother. Couldn’t stand it,” Kyle said. “The last thing I want to do is be in a house and be told what to do by some unidentifiable voice”


This is when the real Big Brother chimed in and said, “Kyle, Big Brother wants to know, why the angry rants? What is frustrating you?”

Big Brother then took aim at both Kyle and Jackie’s weight!

“Kyle, put down the Bueno Bars. And Jackie, are you ready for fun? Jackie does the diet start tomorrow?”

Oh damn Big Brother! You savage!

Jackie could only get out, “Well…” before Big Brother jumped in again. “Oh really? I’ve heard you say that before.”

If that wasn’t bad enough, Big Brother than jumped on the gossip train and started asking Jackie about the ridiculous rumours that she’s been dating Dr Chris Brown!


“Jackie, Big Brother knows you aren’t dating Dr Chris Brown, but perhaps you can stop pretending the lizard under your bed is your new companion,” joked Big Brother.

“Jackie, I saw you were up late at night again snacking. You know you’ll never get Dr Chris Brown if you keep going.”

Holy moly Big Brother! You’re a brave man!

But we don’t think Big Brother really cares about the repercussions of his savage behaviour… Meaning that this season with the all new Big Brother in control is certainly going to be entertaining!

Hear Big Brother roasting Kyle and Jackie O in the podcast below! And check out the teaser for the show above.

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