Jackie O has set our listeners some homework this weekend. And trust us this isn’t like your typical high school homework that you dread starting. This is something that you will not only want to do but you’ll be wishing there was MORE of once you’re done.

Okay let us explain without giving away the entire plot. A new show has popped up on Netflix and the whole team over here at KIIS literally lost their minds while watching it.

It’s called ‘The Push’ and it’s a documentary that follows a social experiment conducted by British mentalist Derren Brown to see how far people are willing to go to be compliant.

The experiment places a guy who has proven to be complacent in the past and put him in a situation to see just how far he would go in following the instructions of strangers. For example, would he push someone off a roof in order to save himself?


We bet your mind is racing a million miles a minute right now and you’re desperate for more information but that’s all we’re going to give you!

The rest is up to you now, go home, get onto your Netflix account, if you don’t have one buy a subscription ASAP, and watch ‘The Push’ before Monday morning.

That’s when we want to hear from you! On Monday call us on 13 1065, tweet us, Facebook message us, just get in contact anyway that you can and let us know how BLOWN your mind is! Until then, happy watching!

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