We’re being warned of a Netflix scam that could cost you big time.

According to the Australian Communications and Media Authority, a new fake email is targeting Netflix users and it could put your personal information at risk.

Sent with the subject “Netflix Membership On Hold”, the email then takes users to a fake sign in page.

The almost identical site then asks people to sign-in with the aim of stealing your Netflix credentials.

The ACMA warns it’s not your Netflix viewing history they’re after.

“The fake sign-in page is extremely convincing and is a reminder that phishing scams aren’t just about stealing your bank account details—you need to keep ALL your personal information safe and secure,” they share.


According to Scamwatch, a phishing scam aims to steal your personal information – such as usernames and passwords.

Anyone who receives the email is being advised to delete it immediately.

Warning Signs You’re Being ScamMed

According to Scamwatch…

1. You receive an email, text or phone call claiming to be from a bank, telecommunications provider or other business you regularly deal with, asking you to update or verify your details.

2. The email or text message does not address you by your proper name, and may contain typing errors and grammatical mistakes.


3. The website address does not look like the address you usually use and is requesting details the legitimate site does not normally ask for.

4. You notice new icons on your computer screen, or your computer is not as fast as it normally is.

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