Sticking to a diet can be extremely hard, well maybe not for long.

A necklace has been developed that monitors your eating habits and tells you when you’re going overboard!


The necklace, ‘WearSens’ developed by UCLA scientists has a piezoelectric sensor that tracks the vibrations in your neck to know when you’re eating and drinking. 

It has been described as “wearable nutrition monitoring.” 

Basically, if the vibrations continue for too long the necklace, paired with a smartphone app will notify you that you’re overeating. This notification is based off each user’s personal statistics including height, weight and age. 


The technology is so sophisticated it can not only tell when you’re eating but what you’re eating. Different types of foods make different types of vibration patterns when travelling down the esophagus. It can tell hard food apart from soft food and the difference between hot and cold drinks. 

The necklace will know your recommended calorie limit and notify you once you’re over it. 

The founder Majid Sarrafzadeh explained,

Many nutrition methods are based on writing down what you eat. But this method has low compliance, so we wanted to overcome these issues and wanted to do something that a pedometer does for activity.


The prototype of the necklace is being tested for FDA approval. 

Would you wear one? 

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