If you’re a Bachelor fan, you’ll know that last night was incredibly stressful.

Not only were there THREE new intruders who all got SINGLE dates with Richie, but there was also a pretty crazy catfight between series ‘villain’ Keira and Kikki.

While discussing the stress of the three new intruders, the girls gathered together at the cocktail party before the rose ceremony and comforted each other.

Kikki decides she’s going to address the elephant in the room, and begins bitching about Keira (saying what everyone else is thinking, basically.)

Then Georgia (who ends up being sent home – KARMA GEORGIA) tells Keira what Kikki has been saying.

Keira responds really reasonably, by summoning her over in an aggressive tone.


Eventually Kikki goes to Keira, but is met with a shut toilet door and is called a ‘Peasant’ repeatedly.

Many think Keira’s choice of insult is unnecessary and below the belt, and I have to say, I agree.

When shouting at each other doesn’t work, they walk away from each other, with Keira shouting “ANNOYING” and Kikki calmly stating that ‘Satan has risen from hell’.


I would NOT want to be on Keira’s bad side, that is for all.

Source: news.com.au

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