Last year it was all about inflatable flamingos and swans, as celebrities lorded their huge and super expensive pool toys over us. 

Who could forget the endless posts from the Kardashian clan about their collection of swans and Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris’ super cute couple shot on the back of a big inflatable. RIP Talvin. 

I want this back 😭😭#caylor #talvin

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If you were shocked to see the uber cool inflatables retailing for close to $100 you’re not alone! A year on and that’s all changed thanks to Kmart and Big W. The retailers have released a new range of unique pool toys that won’t dent the hip pocket and will have you wishing it was 40 degrees. Kmart’s pool toys cost $25 while Big W’s range from $10 to $19. 

If you’re looking for something a little different, why not lounge around on an inflatable pizza. Goodness knows you haven’t eaten the carb laden treat for months to fit into your bikini. 

If you’re feeling a little bit like a wildlife warrior, whey not enjoy a swim on the back of a crocodile. We promise this one won’t bite! 


Kmart have released a cute, colourful unicorn and dragon to float away on.

And if you’re really hoping to stand out from the crowd and possibly raise some eyebrows, stock an eggplant inflatable. It’s a little on the expensive side at $63, but the looks on people’s faces will be worth it! 

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