After a chocolate bath and a weird version of the ‘Highland Games’, Bachelor fans were treated to a moment of normality.

On Thursday night’s episode, Alex managed to get herself a date with Richie and there’s nothing that seems more romantic than diving in a bath to become more unclean than you were before.

So of course, Alex and Richie had themselves a chocolate bath in which we are calling the ‘most awkward date of all time.’

Or for me, it was the turning point at which I just found Alex a little bit unbearable. She is way too full on isn’t she? The look in the eyes, the biting of lips and just. EVERYTHING.

For the Highland Games part, it was just throwing things but never have we seen girls flip out at Haggis so much in our lives. It’s just food. Count yourselves lucky.


At the pre-rose ‘’we drink heaps and stumble’’ drinks, the intruders began to wonder if they had less of an advantage over the original girls, with them saying ‘’we can’t compete with that’’, referring to Nikki and Alex’s relationship with Richie.

With the intruders now well and truly in the game, it seems apt that someone needed to tell Richie that he needs to make more effort.

Richie sat Olena, as he apprently likes to ‘’keep tags on her’’ according to the other girls. However, they also think she is playing the chase, instead of falling in love with Richie.

During her chat with Richie, Olena said ‘’ I feel like I am not on the same page as you. I don’t feel like you know me yet and you are not asking questions about me.’’

Richie replied saying ‘’ I feel like when I ask you questions, you don’t give me enough.’’ Olena responded by saying ‘’It takes time.’’


This is the first time in this season we have not seen a girl just fall in love with Richie and if there’s nothing we want more now, it’s Olena to go the whole way!

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