It’s something they didn’t share on the show, but Married At First Sight couple Craig and Andy had met before.

The show’s first same-sex pairing will tie the knot in New Zealand on the show tonight, but they had a chance meeting just two weeks before their the there wedding.

In an interview with NewsCorp, 40-year-old Andy revealed his groom was not a stranger.

He said ‘’’He tried to hook up with me — he said he was flirting with me.

‘I think it was on a Friday night or Saturday night after work.’

However, 41-year-old Craig, who works as a hairdresser, remembers the meeting very differently.

He laughed off the claims he flirted with his husband-to-be and told Kyle & Jackie O ‘I saw him on the street when I was leaving work, and I gave him a look and he gave me a look back,’ he said.


‘I never forget a face.’ 

The chance meeting is in contrast to the premise of the show, which sees complete strangers tie the knot.

We were first introduced to Craig and Andy on Tuesday night’s episode as they prepared for their wedding.

The pair will meet for the second time at the altar, tonight on Channel Nine at 8:40 PM.

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