We’ve lost a lot this year.

We’ve lost our social contact, we’ve a little bit of security, we’ve lost a lot of confidence but what we have not lost is Magic Mike Live and that’s…well… that’s something!

If you’re not sure what Magic Mike Live is, it’s exactly what it sounds like.

A live 360 degree dance and acrobatic show CREATED & DIRECTED by Channing Tatum and based of the iconic films Magic Mike and Magic Mike XXL.

You always sound like a saucy little minx if you say you like these movies but the first one, at least, is honestly AN EXCELLENT FILM.



Magic Mike Live Sydney is the premiere of the show so it’ll be the first of it’s production GLOBALLY to hit the stage after COVID-19 shut down the entertainment industry.

The first show’s on the 17th of December in the Entertainment Quarter at Moore Park, but before you get excited just know you have to be 18+ to attend… for obvious reasons.

The venue has been deemed COVID-Safe with a huge two story tent designed for this very purpose.

When we say tent… it has a glass lobby, two levels, a food hall, multiple bars and an indoor and outdoor area so at what point is it no longer a tent?

Sydney tickets are available here and start at a very affordable $59!

Melbourne will be getting the show in June 2021, having been delayed due to their struggles with COVID-19.


Brisbane and Perth haven’t got dates set yet but you can jot your name down on this waiting list so you know when they do!


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