Just when you thought Pokemon Go had infiltrated just about every aspect of life, up pops another one.

Thanks to some ridiculous Australian website ( Geeky Sex Toys) Pokemon Go will now be a part of people’s sex lives, in a major way.

They’ve revealed their very own PokemMOAN range (they get zero credit for the terrible name) and it includes four silicone dildos based on three starter Pokemon and Pikachu.

Now for the names of these atrocities – there’s Bulby (the green one) Charmy (the red one) Piky (the yellow one) and Squirty (the blue one)

A spokesperson for the site said, “We had always intended on doing a Pokémoan range of toys. When Pokémon Go came out we decided to move them up the priority list.

“It’s definitely an independent thing. Our products are inspired by geek culture in some way or another, but we are very careful in the way we parody each fandom.”


What a time to be alive guys…

Souce mic.com

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