It was home visits on The Bachelor last night, and there was one amazing parenting decision that had Australia nodding in agreement.

Alex Nation has been very open about how important her son Elijah is in her life and her decision not to introduce her son to Richie came with a very good reason.

She told Richie ‘’I thought it was probably best for the three of us that we waited for you to meet little man.’’

‘’You are still dating three other girls, so there is a slight little thing there. If I am the girl at the end, then you will meet Elijah, and I do want you to meet him.’’’


Alex has been praised on social media for the decision, which is seen as the right thing to do, as introducing new people to kids who they never see again can be difficult.

In previous seasons of The Bachelor we have Snezana introducing Sam Wood to her daughter Eve at the same point in the show. However, Richie has now only seen photos of Elijah.

The Bachelor continues on Channel Ten, Wednesday night at 7:30PM.

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