Offspring fans have been sent into meltdown after the latest promotional clip for the show was released.

The footage from the final episode of the series shows Nina Proudman (Asher Keddie) receiving some devastating news from her sister Billie (Kat Stewart) before she breaks down in tears.

It has lead to fans rushing to the Channel Ten shows Facebook page, speculating as to whether another death may explain Nina’s heartbreak.

The clip starts with Billie reminding Nina that there is potential to find a new lover after her partner Patrick passed away a the end of the season.

‘You think Patrick was the love of your life?’ she asks, to which Nina responds, ‘He was’. 

‘What if he wasn’t the only one?’ Billie then asks. 

The clip then shows Nina showing her young daughter Zoe, photos of her father.


Nina is currently struggling to move on from Patrick but is showing interest in Culture & Crisis Manager Harry Crewe.

The promo ends with us being told to ‘’brace yourselves for the heart-wrenching bombshell.’’

The Offspring series six finale airs Wednesday night at 8:30PM on Channel Ten.


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