Apparently when you’re having twins, there’s more to worry about than the logistics of feeding them both at the same time.

Like, for example, how you’re going to tell them apart.

But it sounds like Rebecca Judd has been doing some research, because the soon-to-be twin mumma has revealed her nifty – and hilarious – trick for keeping tabs on which baby is which.

And it involves a mani-pedi.

“Attention identical twin mums!” the TV host posted on Instagram. “Just curious: How many weeks gestation did you deliver at?

“[And] at what age could you tell them apart? Straight away, hours, days, weeks, months or still can’t? Any tips?

“I’ve packed some nail polish for one of them!”


Bec certainly doesn’t seem to be the only one employing the toe-painting trick; one commenter wrote that while she had done the same thing, she had been “too tired to tell them apart, so who knows now if I mixed them up. Oops.”

And plenty of experienced mums had an even better idea, advising the 31-week-pregnant mother-of-two to stick to a colour scheme for the sake of pictures.

“Make sure you have a ‘code’ for photos or you’ll never know who was who,” one savvy commenter wrote, while another explained that she had “always dressed one twin in something purple, be dummy or socks” to make it easier for looking back on snaps.


Huuuuuuuuuuuge belly in @countryroad 🙊

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Phew. Sounds like the Judds are in for an adventure!

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